My passion is strong enough for you- Joby KM

Mr Joby KM has made his fortune with constant efforts to full fill his dreams. He always has a vision that will make his public wealthier and productive.

About me

Mr Joby KM has more than 10 years of experience in the laundry industry; with a strong record of building a solid foundation and a highly dedicated team that deliver outstanding results. His extensive experience spans expertise in global sales, business development and services. Joby KM has graduated in Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) and started his career as an executive chef in universal Sodexho group, and later on, focused on entrepreneurship. The experiences he has come across during the days in Rigs, Army, Navy, Ships and Barges made him think about the need for proper laundry in these labor camps. These thoughts lead the installation of washing, spinning and drying laundry machine in 2008 at his hometown. The unorganized industry thus made him encounter the service issues and lack of proper knowledge of the machine. Thus he has started service and maintenance of laundry machines. His experiences have made him study thoroughly on this industry and to start consultancy of laundry machines in 2011. The inappropriate service in this industry, lazy customers and failure laundry has made him think about an integrated option which helps newcomers in this industry. Thus he started to deliver proper consultancy and classes on service also. His service focuses on consultancy, classes, machinery service practical and trading programs. Now the brain behind the bravery has branched out to other countries and started consultancy in 6 countries other than India. The knowledge and skills he has acquired along his journey have made him one of the best laundry consultant at the global level. He has helped thousands of customers to achieve their dreams of developing a successful self serve laundry business. The following factors are among the most essential points to consider prior to investing in your new industry, existing or refurbishing an existing location, location analysis, design and layout, utility requirements, revenue potential, production assessment, staffing requirement, production cost estimate etc. He has a defined vision about his career. He is planning to implement his dream of Crystal Institute for Dry cleaning and Laundry Technology (CIDLT) and a mechanical institute for services in order to provide concrete knowledge in each section of laundry. And also offers campus recruitment at the global level.